Car Jump Starter

When the car battery is out of power and can not start the car, JUMP MONSTER can helps you in this critical moment. Perfect solution to engine starting problem. Become your guardian angel in your journey in the emergency situation!

Car Battery Charger

Jump Monster - Smart car battery charger.

Charge and maintain your car battery. Provide battery restoration. Solve all SLA battery and lithium battery charging problems. Maintain and protect your car battery to be safe and durable with dual protection.

Latest models of emergency car jump starter and car battery charger

Help you protect and maintain you car

First choice for large petrol and diesel truck

HYP-9000-24V is made by a global leader in car jump starter lithium technology. It can be used in truck, tractor & coach. It also equipped with dual USB outlet, LED torch lights, SOS signal lights and multi-function LCD display. Seven redundant protections are used to offer safer network. This product offer high safety performance, high temperature resistance, light weight and compact. Our high-end PRO LINE products in the automotive sector will fill the needs in the power jumper market

Superstar Jump Starter

HYR-5302 is designed to meet various power needs for ROAD TRIP USES. It is an innovation combination of jump starter, power bank with 75W@115V AC out, and fast charging QC 3.0. This makes HYR line much more frequently used than a regular jump starter.

The world's first Jump Starter with instantaneous cut-off power output if clamps fall off!

HYL series has an user friendly design and one touch start unique function to increase usability experience. Loaded with 3rd generation logic to enhance battery safety protection Plus using our proprietary load balance charging technology to prolong battery life cycle

Smart Car Battery Charger

ICS1 is a high-performance charger for all lead-acid batteries of 4.5 ~ 20Ah capacity, fully automatic intelligent 7-stages charging, continuously checking statue of the battery and will never overcharge

JUMP MONSTER Provide one-stop battery solution

Renew the vitality to your car battery

The Best Vehicle Companion

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