Car Jump Starter-HYA

Car emergency jump starter . Build-in air pump . Super bright LED flashlight & SOS signal . 5V/2.4A USB output

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HYA 5202 - 12V

HYA 5202 DIY 12V series JUMP STARTER is one of the most compact & ultra-safe LiPo powered automobile product line available in the emergency booster market. It is perfectly designed with functions and user interface experiences in mind.Unlike the previous generation technology using heavy and unforgiving lead-acid type battery; LiPo battery is light and retains power up to 1 year while storing in the vehicle. It is fool proof, making the battery boosting easy for anyone from tech savvy to those with little or no experience. This model combines the best of 2 devices - JUMP STARTER & TYRE PUMP.
The best product you can keep in the truck or your car in case of emergency. The HYA 5202 series is standard equipment comes in emergency flash modes, and powerful LED flood light. Regular package includes USB cable as well as a AC charger to energize your booster.

Battery type Lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity 12V/5.2Ah
Life cycles 500-700
Charging time 3-8H
Peak current 520A@10ms
Crank current 260A
Work temperature -20℃~45℃
LED flashlight LED flashlight, flashing mode and SOS mode
USB output 5V/2.4A
Storage period I year with 70% remain

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