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With cutting-edge features like Quick Charge 3.0 technology and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology, Esp-0002 optimizes the match battery bank. Unlike the previous generation technology using heavy and unforgiving lead-acid type battery, LiPo battery is light and retains power up to 1 year with only 10% power loss. Powered automobile product line available in the emergency market.

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ESP-0002 12V

ESP-0002 12V series JUMP MONSTER, charging station encases an incredible 500Wh of power, is a stylish and compact power bank with AC/DC/USB outlets. You can reach power everywhere anytime for your kinds of devices. As an outdoor expert ,it built-in a directional compass and IP 65 waterproof function, making it suitable for camping and outdoor events. A lifting handle make it even more portable to take and use it pretty much anywhere.

Battery type Lithium Polymer
Battery capacity 45AH,12.6V
Life cycles 500-700
Peak currrent 350A
Waterproof IP 65
Charging time 8-12 H
Recharging time Recharge every 6 months without using
Work temp. -20℃~50℃
Input 14V/3.5A
Output AC(US):115V/500W Type C/PD:5~20V/3A MAX (High transfer efficiency) Cigarette Lighter:12V MAX 1*USB 3.0 9V/2A 4*USB 2.0 5V/2.4A

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