Brand Story

Brand Story

JUMP MONSTER is a newly created force, but it led the trend and style in automotive jump start power.
With more than ten years of research and accumulation of experience, JUMP MONSTER always pursue in innovative design. From conceptual design to product launch, we stick to our mission statement. “Make the best product ". Show the world we are the best and continue to create dream products that can belong to everyone.
Today, JUMP MONSTER automotive power source products are sold all around the world. We grow to be the number 1 supplier to the North America market and maintain in the leading position in technology research and development.

JUMP DEEDA is the inspiration for the memory of time flies, the voice of the heart. It is a gentle call to the beautiful car life, just like the eternal sound of the ancient clock. It's time to start a new car owner's life.

Brand Objective

Excel - Courageous

The courage to undertake and pay, seize any moment to complete the challenge and beyond

Breakthrough – Plot/plan

Insight into any opportunity, eager to strike, face the changes, breakthrough any difficulties

Liberate - Power

Release the passion,liberate the idea, breakthrough the conventional, advance with the time

Relax - Cheerful

Live with humor, stay relaxed and enjoyable

Ascend - Humanity

Whether it is an idea, or is your magnetic field, all are dynamic and fill with positive energy

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